Standard 4

Promote and Model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility

Teachers understand local and global societal issues and responsibilities in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practices. Teachers:

  1. Advocate, model, and teach safe, legal, and ethical use of digital information and technology, including respect for copyright, intellectual property, and the appropriate documentation of sources.
  2. Address the diverse needs of all learners by using learner-centered strategies providing equitable access to appropriate digital tools and resources.
  3. Promote and model digital etiquette and responsible social interactions related to the use of technology and information.
  4. Develop and model cultural understanding and global awareness by engaging with colleagues and students of other cultures using digital-age communication and collaboration tools.


  1. I used the turnitin assignment to support the first part of the fourth standard. By looking up the questions for the assignment I was able to learn about safe, legal, and ethical uses of technology to respect copyright, intellectual property. The website is a tool to be an advocate and promote appropriate documentation of sources. The scanning system provides a report of the any questionable research.
  2. I used the assistive technology assignment to address the needs of all learners particularly those with disabilities by using resources to provide access to appropriate tools. The assignment was a step by step process to change setting for impaired students.
  3. I used this entire blogfolio to promote digital etiquette through social interactions. I used responsible material to relay my information through this free website. The blog is used to comment on peers work and to demonstrate learning processes.
  4. I used the entire Google group project especially the discussion to develop an understanding for my classmates. I worked with my group through digital age communication and collaboration tools to ask and answer questions and facilitate work. The group project allowed us to all share and edit information as well as comment on particular topics or questions.



Assistive Tech Bridget Page


Google Group Discussion

Future Learning Goal

In the future, I hope to work better with others through technological resources like the ones above. I want to be able to teach all students and work with all of my colleagues in a positive and effective way.


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