Forever Learning

IT 465 came with many challenges, triumphs, joys, trials, and other mixed emotions. After months of hard work, I can say that I have learned a great deal from this class. I think this class is very useful and will benefit me greatly in my future as a teacher and communicator in society. The class was a step by step process that incorporated several unique tools to improve my skills relating to technology.

Like I said, the class came with challenges and triumphs; therefore there were both strengths and weaknesses. The hardest part of the class to me was the level of communication. I was terrified about working in a group with people that I would never even meet. I am a very social person, but sometimes I can come across rude and demanding if someone does not know me on a personal level. I worked hard to make myself a better communicator throughout this course. On the other hand, I have a lot of experience with technology. Between working in the computer lab at school, tutoring my dad when he is miles away on travel, and taking all of my classes online, I would say my strength is with technology. I know how to type efficiently and how to navigate many of the resources that we used in this class.

The interaction between my peers and instructor was a bit frustrating at times. I did not like having to sign in on a Friday night especially when I had already completed my work. I worked hard to be proactive in this class, but I found that many of the other people did not submit posts on time or completely dropped. I became weary of commenting on other people’s post because I felt like it was just a rush. I did not feel that all of the interaction was genuine, but it was just a way for people to come out with a good grade.

There were several assignments that I liked, but I found the greatest pleasure in creating the website for my classroom. I spent several hours on the website, but I do believe it will be one of the most essential tools in my future career. On the other hand, my least favorite assignment was the Turnitin assignment. I felt like it was more busy work than anything else, and it did not teach me how to use it at as a teacher. All of the other assignments were a great part of the learning process. I would have liked to have seen some of the assignments rearranged such as the group work towards the end, but overall, they were all effective.

There were several different tools used throughout this course. There were some that I had heard of and used and there were others that were new and exciting to me. The only software I was completely blind to before this class was Inspiration 9. I fell in love with the tool, and I will probably end up buying it in the future. Tools such as the test, rubric, answer key, Turnitin and movie were things I had heard of, but I had never actually used them. I think all of those tools will be very helpful in my future as well. Tools like the website and assistive technology are things that I use every single day.  I try to have an environment that promotes education for all people in all walks of life. The blog as a tool was also very beneficial as it allowed me to see other people’s work and to communicate on a unique level. I use a blog regularly regarding my own life, so I did not have problems navigating the software. The tool I used mostly throughout the class was the Google drive. It was the easiest way to communicate with both my classmates and teacher. The only disadvantage was making sure that it was submitted and used properly to share with other people.

By and large, I found the blogfolio very useful. I feel like this class taught me several things to improve my communication skills especially through technology. I enjoyed most all of the assignments and spent a large amount of time on each one of them trying to make them as beneficial as possible. The tutorials and examples were very helpful to understand the projects that were assigned, and I always felt like Dr. Wang was a great help. I know that the many tools and resources used with benefit my future as an educator and make me a life-long learner in society.


6 thoughts on “Forever Learning

  1. Bridget, I like how you were very honest about how you feel concerning this class. I agree that at times it gets kind of frustrating, but I know everything we are learning about will be used in our classroom somewhere down the line. I would also say that your strength is definitely with technology. With you working in a computer lab, this class will be very useful to you now. Keep up the good work!

  2. This class has been a great journey this semester. Like you I have learned so many thing that I can implement into my own classroom. I really enjoyed this blog folio and being able to receive feedback from you all. You did an amazing job this semester and are going to make a wonderful teacher!!

  3. I like how you were honest about the whole course because I too did not like some of the assignments. What I did like was all of the tutorials it was very helpful because without them I would have been lost and never would have been able to finish the projects. I was not happy at first whenever I saw all of the group stuff we had to do because I am normally the type of person that likes to work on my own at my own pace. I will say that it was not like I thought it was going to be I ended up in a very good group. I enjoyed working with you, and wish you the best of luck in the future.

  4. I also had some difficulties as well as triumphs in this class. Once I read your introduction, I assumed that this class would be a breeze for you since you work in a computer lab. It does ease my mind that you had some troubles with the assignments as well. I agree that the blog has helped greatly with our professional communication skills. This began with our Google group project. I know I will use the knowledge I have acquired once I become a teacher. I’m sure you will as well. It was great working with you throughout this class and reading your blog. Good luck in the future!

  5. I would have to agree that i love your honesty about this class, I must say myself that this class has been the hardest one that i have ever been in when in comes to an online course. Happy to here that you have learned a lot from it. Keep up the hard work and it will surely pay off in the future.

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