Busted is not something most people want to hear especially coming from the mouth of a teacher. Well now technology has become well-advanced, and it does not even take a teacher to catch a person cheating. Turnitin is a great website for teachers and students who are working on reports or completing assignments. Sometimes students even think they have done all their citations right, but the computer might find some glitches. I have used to website before for some of my classes. I do not usually use it unless it is required. I think it is useful for teachers, but I do not want to use it unless I see plagiarism becomes a problem in my classroom. I like to create a trusting relationship between me and my students, and I feel like some of the plagiarism software’s are just an easy way out for teachers.

I did like working on this project. It took me a pretty long time to figure everything out and work through the project. I usually just submit my work for a class and then move on, but this took much more work and detail. The first part was probably harder to me than the second. I had some problems finding information that I wanted to copy and paste. I guess I can say it’s a good thing to not be used to that. I wanted to change up what I found to make it sound a different way.  For the second part, I tried not to look back at the document and just go off of what I remembered from the first glance in order to create my own response. I was a bit nervous to submit both parts because I did not want it to be wrong. I felt like I was submitting a test or something. I had some problems in the beginning figuring out my percentage, but I worked it out. Overall, this assignment was a great way for me to advance my technological skills for my classes and for my future.

Below is a link to my file for the Turnitin Assignment



4 thoughts on “Busted

  1. I had the opposite problem as you Bridget. The first portion of the assignment was easier for me. I ended up with six pages of information that was copied and pasted. The second portion of the assignment was more difficult. I had trouble summarizing six pages of information into one page. I also was nervous as well so I did the same thing as you. I wrote my paper without using the information from the first. I glanced at it a couple of times but mostly wrote my paper without it. This seemed to work well for both of us. The only reason I had 3% similarities is because I used the full name of a political bill.

  2. I too had problems finding enough information to make the whole two pages. I also just went off of what I remembered in the second one because I was scared if I looked at it to many times that it would start sounding the same. My biggest fear for this project is that I wouldn’t be able to get under the ten percent. This is an excellent thing for teachers. I would love to be able to use this in my classroom because I do not believe in plagiarism.

  3. I myself could not log in to the system because i could not find the class code. I know that in one class when i was substituting there were two students cheating and that was bad enough. I am not even sure what i would do if i caught someone plagiarizing. I know that it is something that everyone tries to avoid but at at the same time i know that everyone as done it accidentally.

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