All things for All people

Assistive technology is a great tool in technology for students with disabilities. I believe that all things should be designed for all people. Since I work in a computer lab, I knew many of the great features that the computer has to offer for students with disabilities. I did not have too hard of a time completing this project. I found the instructions very simple and easy to understand. The example was also a great help. I did not like having to change the settings back and forth. It even distorted my screen for a few minutes because it got frozen up. I did not have troubles with any of the settings in particular, but I did find some easier to use than others.

In my classroom, I tend to use the magnifier and sound for several students. Many of my inclusion students can not read the documents on the computer, so we use the sound to convey the message. Several of my students are also young and have not had their eyes assessed, so they like to see the print on the screen bigger. I think all of the tools presented in this project are very helpful for not only the teacher but also for students. I am personally very thankful for assistive technology, and I know it is a necessary to make my job smooth and successful.

The PowerPoint I created shows the many different tools I used through assistive technology. Below is the link:

Assistive Technology


6 thoughts on “All things for All people

  1. I liked your power point. I was a Teacher Assistant for quite a few years in a Special Ed class until I decided to go to work for Ellisville State School and I took the kids to computer class most of the time. There really are some great features that are offered on the computer for Special Education children. They absolutely LOVED it when they could be at a computer and these were only kindergarten children. Some of the educational games really kept their attention and it took them no time at all to learn how to use the mouse. I am amazed at how Assistive Technology has helped some children learn. I can’t wait to have my own class and use some of these features with them!

  2. Technology is such a great thing for our special needs students. I have worked with many over the past 6 years and I see that they are more educationally connect with computer usage. Technology can better aid special needs students and improve their learning ability.

  3. I do believe that technology is important for the special needs children. But I did not like changing the settings on my computer because I still can not get everything back to normal. The instructions were a little confusing for me. I took awhile to do this project. It was not my favorite at all. I do believe that I could use the magnifier and the sounds for a few of my students I have now though.

  4. I agree that technology adaptations are a great resource for all students. Instruction should address all students like you stated. I have not used any of these functions before. I had a little trouble but not anything I couldn’t overcome with some exploration. I agree that some features were easier to use that others for example the sound functions. The one thing that I do not see being used much in my classroom is the keyboard on the screen. My son wears glasses so I see where the magnifying glass would be used quite often in a classroom. Great job on your presentation.

  5. I am looking into teaching children with disabilities. I believe technological bases should be pretty even but the content not as extreme. People are people and all should be prepared for this worlds’ technological advances. They’re so many technological tools in today’s society that should be put to use.

  6. Such an excellent thing that this can come in useful for you in the future and even right now. I am sure that it helped out that you work in computers currently. Glad to hear that this was enjoyable for you and that everything went smoothly. I believe that no one should be left behind but i wonder how it makes a child feel when every else knows a screen is flashing or sounds are binging because they can not see or hear the other formatting. Young children can be mean. Just out of curiosity since i am not in a class room setting.

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