Importance of Integration

Since I recently was given the job as the computer lab teacher at Petal elementary, I find it very important to integrate the internet into curriculum. There are several different web-based learning activities that support the integration strategies given by our textbook. Student research is the first strategy. As students begin to get higher in education, they use research for several different things. Whether writing a senior honors thesis, writing a research paper, or looking up ideas, students can navigate data bases for research. Online libraries are also a very helpful tool in student research. Much of student research is also used through group product development, so students will begin working together through systems such as Google docs. The second and third strategies go hand in hand. I recently introduced my students to a website called Edmodo. It is where students have an account very similar to Facebook. The teacher can post assignments for the students to respond to, and it is also a way for them to connect with their friends and peers. I have never seen so much excitement for writing. They are excited to see the work of their friends and talk back and forth to communicate messages that are school related and even messages that are not. It also has promoted literacy as the students are beginning to understand the importance of technology as it relates to their literacy skills. They are now able to understand that literacy skills are needed in technology. The website is also designed for teachers to post topics related to literacy and have the students respond in a test format or just a page reply. This is a great site for electronic mentoring, electronic field trips, and electronic publishing. Many students are on different levels especially when it comes to academic skills skills. A way to implement the fourth learning strategy for visual learning problems and solutions is through problem-based learning websites such as cool math. Cool math allows children to visually see problems and work on things on all different levels. It is a way for teachers to assess what a student knows and not make a student feel like they are lagging or behind. Fun brain is also a game where students can navigate themselves through several different activities relating to all subjects on all different levels. The fifth strategy can also be done through social action projects and software’s like Edmodo. Collaboration is when students have to work together. Edmodo is a great way to collaborate with not only students but with the teacher. Some software’s have “im” available so people can chat back and forth. This allows students to start making responsible decisions. Becoming a better person individually also comes with the sixth strategy which is to integrate multicultural experiences. Even though we live a pretty multicultural world, we still can find out a lot of multicultural information through web-based activities. I know I have had students before set up penpal accounts with people across the world to write back and forth. I have also had students use the web to search and write letters to a soldier or missionary overseas. There are also some unique games that point out different parts of geography and that get students interested in diversity. Overall, there are a lot of great tools out there for teachers to use to integrate the internet in the classroom. A website known as, Study Island, has even been formed to support national education standards. There is no doubt internet is being used by students, so it is time for the educators to integrate it as well.


3 thoughts on “Importance of Integration

  1. Edmodo is not a website I have ever heard of. It does sound like students would enjoy the use of it. The best part is that they are practicing writing and reading. Reading is not a skilled mentioned, but it is great that students are also reading each others post. Many students are behind in reading and since it is essential for all other learning I am glad your students are practicing it. Please let me know how the use of that website affects students abilities over the course of the year. I may have my students use it if yours do well. Great job!

  2. Just read this posting about you getting a job this year as the computer teacher, congratulations. Hope that the year is going well and that you are enjoying it. I also read how the one assignment was not that bad for you because of your teaching skills. Hope it keeps going smoothly.

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