Tools to Success

The world we live in as it relates to technology has some of the most incredible tools to success. I loved working on the web tools project. For this project I created a rubric, test with answer key, and an online book mark. I started out with a book I recently reviewed. The rubistar system was something I have never heard of. I absolutely loved it! It did most all of the work for me, and I could add personal touches to make it personal and related to my specific topic. It was nice to have it already laid out in a nice and neat format that others could easily follow. The testmaker was also a very great tool. It was also something I had never heard of. It was super simple to navigate, and I liked how it was a guide to make test. It made matching and multiple choices into a clear format that was easy to read. It was also easy to move questions around once they were inserted into the document which is not so easy on word processing software. The best part was that the software automatically created an answer sheet. In the school, it is so aggravating to create answer sheets after tests have been created especially if you have to make multiple tests. Even though I really liked rubistar and testmaker, the trackstar tool was not very helpful in my opinion. I had a hard time navigating the website to begin with. I got all my information entered into the track and did not click save. It deleted it all and I had to start back over again. I do think online bookmarks are good, but I just did not find this website very useful and easy to navigate. I will definitely be using the rubistar and testmaker systems in my future. I think it is one of the best ways to work on lesson plans for teachers. It takes very little time and is a great way to be consistent in your teaching.

Below are the links to the first items I created using the systems:




Answer Key


4 thoughts on “Tools to Success

  1. I also had a great time creating the rubric and test. I love the fact that the testmaker automatically creates the answer sheet for you. I agree that it is very beneficial especially when the teacher has to make multiple test at one time. I didn’t have the problems with the bookmark website like, but I still did not like it and will not use it. I feel that website was not as easily used like the other. Great documents. I like the fact that you used a book for material or content.

  2. I too really liked these tools. These made things so much easier. They pretty much have it done for you, you just have to add your own touches. These tools help teachers out a lot because we are always so busy it is nice to get a little break every now and then.

  3. I liked these tools a lot. The testmaker is an excellent tool. Being consistent is very important to me as well. If you are consistent with your students they will be able to trust you better and they know what to expect.

  4. Not sure that i really liked this, the reason is due to the fact that if you think about it the assignments that are due today and handed out to students are already determined for you. The quizzes are generally per-determined and there for i am not sure that i see myself using some of the items that we are learning.

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