The Nasty Grinch

Like I said in my very first blog, Dr. Suess allows for students to go many places in their imagination, and technology can also take the world in several places. Just like in Dr. Suess’s famous movie and book, the Grinch comes along just like the pitfalls of technology with inappropriate materials, threats to safety and privacy, viruses and hacking, copyright and plagiarism problems. As I work in the computer lab currently, I have implemented some things in order to prevent these pitfalls as well as possible. From the very beginning, we established some important rules. In order to prevent threats to safety and privacy as it relates to technology especially at a young age is to create a trusting relationship with your students. I want my students to know that is something comes up on their computer they do not have to be afraid to address me. I will not get mad at them, but I will simply address the problem. Students who feel unsafe will create more safety issues in the lab. I have not had many problems with viruses and hacking because the school as a whole deals with most of that, but I do not allow my students to just wonder aimlessly on the internet. In order to prevent hacking and/or viruses it is important for teachers to monitor what the students are getting on and off of. I use pretty strict lesson plans and my students know what site they are to be on at all times. This also helps in preventing students from viewing inappropriate material. I have a monitor on my computer that allows me to look at all the computers in order to see what the students are viewing and past sites that have been visited. I do not usually have problems. My children know that if they are on a inappropriate site I do not even say anything, but I will just pull the site up to project on the smartboard and they know that is more embarrassing than me getting on to them. They also can not embarrass themselves by plagiarizing work because of the strategies I have used to make it nearly impossible. To access sites they each have individual usernames and passwords. I also worked with my technology guide to put a control on the copy and paste tools. The students cannot use copy and paste unless I allow them to. We do not do too many projects, but they know their work has to be their own and if I find something suspicious I will scope it out. Overall, the pitfalls can be prevented best by establishing grounds with students in the classroom. If a teacher creates a safe and fun environment for the students, the students will want to eagerly learn.


6 thoughts on “The Nasty Grinch

  1. I do believe if the teacher creates a safe and fun environment for their students, the students will want to eagerly learn. Also, monitoring the students while they are on the computer is a good idea. And projecting an inappropriate site up on the smartboard is a good way to keep the students from going to sites they are not supposed to go to. Kids do not like to be embarrassed. It sounds like you are doing a great job at Petal Elementary. My daughter-in-law Kim that works there speaks highly of you. Keep up the good work! Sounds like you are already a great teacher!

  2. There are many threats for students over the internet. I love how you related the threats over the internet to the Grinch. Students do very well when they can relate things they learn to previous knowledge. The majority if not all students have been introduced to the Grinch and how mean he is. The only bad part is that the Grinch’s heart grew, and he became good. He then did the right thing and gave back Christmas. Internet treats do not do this. Once a computer has been harmed by a hacker or virus, it does not go back. If you are lucky, the virus can be removed, but it continues to harm or crash the computer if not changed by a professional.

  3. You have some very good ideas on monitoring your students in your computer lab. I like that your classroom has a set of rules and the students know how to follow them. Providing the students with a fun safe environment is a great way to gain a mutual trust with them. It’s that trust that will encourage them to do the right thing in your class. I also like the idea of displaying the wrong choice on the smartboard. I hope that I can do just as good of a job on protecting the students when I get into my classroom. You have definitely set a good example for us to follow. Thank you for sharing your personal experience from your classroom.

  4. Monitoring the students while they are on the computer is very important. Although most of the computers have many sites that are inappropriate blocked they don’t have everything fixed. It is up to the teachers to make sure that the students understand what is appropriate an inappropriate. I agree with putting the inappropriate sites on the smart boards because it is an example for the children to know what not to look at.

  5. I LOVE DR. SUESS! Letting students use their imagination is a great way to get them to learn in a fun and exciting way. Making sure students feel safe is a very big concern of mine they all should feel equal and able to tell the teacher things going on.

  6. I think that allowing students to explore and be creative is the best way for students to learn. I am a project loving person but i say this only when i can allow a child full range to be as creative as they wish. I do not like to put limitations on them. Allowing a safe and fund environment is excellent.

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