Maps of the World

This project was my first one to ever use Inspiration 9 software.  I got very frustrated in the beginning because I could not figure out how to properly download the software and it kept telling me it was blocked. I finally figured it all out. I really liked using the software, and it is something I would be interested in using in my future. I have used word before to create a concept map, so I knew what I had in mind visually. I did not have any trouble linking it all together, and I was able to navigate the software pretty easily. I thought it was really nice to add pictures to the map, and there were a lot of other tools that were unique. I did not choose to use all of the features on my concept map, but I did play around with several of them.  I almost purchased the software at the end of the project because I liked it all so much. I decided I would wait until I was ready to use it again or until I got a new computer. The software could definitely be helpful for both teachers and students. The concept maps, for instance, would be really helpful to teach with for those who are visual learners. I tend to make concept maps quite often even on the board or a piece of paper. I would not introduce this to my students in technology at such a young age, but I think it would be beneficial to those in high school. Distance learning is a helpful resource, and since technology is more prevalent today than ever. Inspiration 9 is just one example of distance learning.  I want to give my students all the opportunities to learn in a way that is best for them.

Below are the links to my concept map:

Food Map through ISF

Food Map through DOCS


5 thoughts on “Maps of the World

  1. I had no problem downloading the software. I’m sorry to hear you did. I have used the software before in another class for mind mapping. I really enjoy it and find it easier to use in creating maps rather than Microsoft. Did you? I agree that it would be a great purchase in order to create maps for our future classrooms. I wonder if it could be transferred to another computer once it is purchased and installed. My anti-virus was able to do so. I also agree that the software would be a little difficult for younger students to use but great for high school students. The map that you created about food groups would be great for students in a nutrition class. Since our state is highest in obesity, it would be great for students to learn about what is best for them to consume and in what quantities.

  2. I’m sorry to hear that you had some initial trouble downloading the Inspiration program. I had a little difficulty with QuickTime, but that passed quickly. I enjoyed maneuvering around in the program. I could see myself spending a couple of hours playing around with a topic given the options that the program allows. I had been introduced to Microsoft’s map options just recently before this project. I thought that was a pretty neat option, but after using Inspiration, I see so many more options.

  3. This was also my first time using this. I too had problems at first. The hardest part for me was trying tot figure out what to do it on. After I finished I really liked the outcome. I would be able to use this in my classroom because we are always using maps for different lessons. Depending on the grade level the students might not be able to do it because there was a lot of different things, but the teacher could always use it in her lesson.

  4. Sorry to hear that you had issues downloading the software, i did not have issues with the software but i did have issues with an idea. I work in a pharmacy and can relate to medications and patients not to teaching and methods of teaching. My passion is patient care but my children come first which is why i am going for teaching. Happy to see to yours worked out.

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