Camera Action

film-loopFor this project, I completed a movie maker project that relates to my life. A multimedia project can be an integration of two types of media. This project and other multimedia projects are a way for people to display and present different types of information in a more unique and creative way. I have worked in the movie maker program before, so I knew it would not be a very hard task for me, but I wanted to make it meaningful. Since taking online classes, I realize how much I have missed getting to know people, so I decided to a personal biography for the movie. I started out by selecting the images I would use based off the most important aspects of my life. I have shot several videos before and even been featured in some commercials, so I wanted to time the video properly. I decided each picture did not need more than ten seconds of speaking time. When I recorded myself, I kept that in mind, so I only had to tweak a couple to make them a few seconds longer. I struggled with picking out a song and making a clear narration. I had to fix it a couple of time, although it was not that bad. When you are talking about yourself, it is hard to not ramble, but I tried to only state the most important things. I realized I wanted the video to be genuine, so it was not going to be a perfect reading about my life.  I hope that the video gives you a little more insight about me as a person and at least lets you put a voice with a name.

Below is the link to my video

The Life of Bridget Page

I know this video and other types of multimedia/hypermedia will be used in my future. I would like to do things like this for my students in my classroom. The resources and skills used in multimedia/hypermedia design, development, and integration can be found through different instruction software such as tutorials or simulations. Interactive books and reference maters such as encyclopedias are also helpful. It allows for a collection of resources like clip art, video clips, animations, etc… there are five tools listed as presentation software, video production and editing systems, hypermedia development software, virtual environment and immersion tools, and web 2.0 authoring tools. Overtime, music and art, media literacy, video design principles, and other skills will be developed. There is no doubt it is a great tool for teachers to present work especially for those who are visual learners. Many students also use the movie maker software in classrooms to present book reports or other projects. I want students to understand how to be creative in their own thinking. This is a way for teachers to make sure time in class is spent effectively. I know I will be introducing my students to this program, and I myself will continue to use it in the future.


6 thoughts on “Camera Action

  1. Bridget, I also see the great potential of multimedia use in the classroom. Both students and teachers can use it. Great idea on having students be creative and use multimedia to present book reports. While reading your post, I thought of a great idea. For students scared of public speaking, multimedia is great. It allows them to participate in presentations without having to stand in front of the entire class. These students can narrate their presentation with their own voice. It was great to get to know you better with your movie.

  2. Multimedia now days is used throughout most classrooms in some way or another. You had some really great ideas of how to implement it into your classroom. I like the idea of using multimedia to do book reports. Like Chanda stated, children tend to shy away from speaking while everyone is watching. Movie maker would be a great way to give their presentation. Your movie was great. Finally nice to put a face with a name and voice!!

  3. You have a great video! Thank you for sharing. That was a great concept to introduce yourself with this online class. I like the idea of using this technology for students to use for book reports. I remember in my middle school years, it seemed like we were always doing a book report of some sort. Every week in Science class we had to write a report on something. If I had this technology back then, those reports wouldn’t have been nearly so boring or monotonous to do. I can see this being used in my school and classroom for programs, plays, reports, field trips and classroom parties. It would even be good to use throughout the year to see the progress of the students.

  4. I loved your video! Nice to get to know you a little better! With all of the technology we use in the classroom today this would be a great thing to incorporate. I like your idea of using it for book reports because some children are very shy and don’t like talking in front of the class, so it would benefit them tremendously. It is also a great tool for the teachers to make the lesson a little more interesting.

  5. The most difficult part for me in making the movie was getting my voice in it. Your video was very nice I enjoyed watching your personal biography. Technology is truly a great resource in this world.

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